When it comes to counting the major attractions of Jim Corbett National Park, one has to place the fact at the very top that Corbett Tiger Reserve has the highest concentration of the Royal Bengal Tiger in the world. People from all parts of the globe throng here to witness this majestic big cat in its natural habitat. Plus the sighting of gigantic elephant, rare birds or some endangered species of gharial is a nerve freezing moment.


But keeping in view the safety if the tourist and to prevent the wild animals inside from getting intimidated by the presence of too many people at once inside their habitat, Corbett Tiger Reserve issues permits to people seeking to get into the zones. They have to avail a safari from CTR office and can roam inside only in their respective safaris. No personal vehicles or walking is allowed in the Tiger prone region


These safaris are carried out in one of jeep, canter in any of the five zones – Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Dhikala and Durga Devi. (Elephant safari is only allowed in Bijrani zone) subjected to availability. A trained guide and driver is provided with each safari who know the forest very well to help you discover most out of your adventurous ride and also to ensure you do not lose your way. The safaris are conducted only in two shifts, each day, with each sift lasting for three house. In autumn and winter the morning safari is conducted from 6am  and from 5:45am and 5:30am in spring season and summer season respectively. Similarly the evening safari sets of at 1:30pm in autumn and at 1:00pm in winter. However in spring and summner season the evening safari begins at 2:30 pm (Note: some of zones get closed in rainy season as the road gets washed away in rain.) Jhirna zone is accessible right throughout the year.

For online safari booking in Corbett you can visit the trusted website of Jim Corbett Park www.jimcorbettparkonline.in