I am a standard traveller living in Delhi. Somebody let me know that Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is paradise for tigers and wild creatures. Later I sought in google and came to know about Jim Corbett National Park which is the essential part of wild India wherein you can experience and feel the closeness of a tiger against the astonishing Himalayas that fringe this impeccable forest. Jim Corbett National Park – The towering saal structures grind to a halt when a Royal Bengal Tiger strolls around the center of the saal spot of God making the striped ruler look a superfluous part of the unfathomable regular gathering.

I planned to visit Corbett National Park with Mummy, Papa and cousin sister. Corbett Park dependably stays brimming with vacationers, along these lines, it is important to book everything – Resorts, Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Canter Safari well ahead of time to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous dissatisfaction. I contacted Daily Tour and Travel Private Limited (Website: http//:www.jimcorbettparkonline.in) who sorts out Jim Corbett Tour packages. They booked safari and best resorts for us.

27th December, 2015

We cleared out Delhi at 5:30 am. I was not much acquainted with the route, but rather the course was Delhi – Noida – Ghaziabad – Moradabad – Rampur. Roughly 20-25kms close Ghaziabad is in awful condition as the street extending work is in advancement. Come to Ramnagar (the nearest city of Jim Corbett Park) at 12:30 PM. We had officially reserved our settlement close Kosi river thus we checked in our Resorts effortlessly. The resort was great with the Kosi river streaming beside the resort. The perspective was magnificent and promptly we as a whole were revived after the tedious journey. After lunch, we just went for a walk around the riverside. Kosi travels through the eastern part of the National Park area. It’s floor is strewn with stones it’s passed on from the mountains. The stream is brisk, with the water making a brilliant sound where it meets the more prominent rocks on it’s way. The unmistakable blue water was simply calling and every one of us hopped in. It was frigid yet reviving. Following a hour try in the nippy water, we turned out, had a few photos and moved for the Girija Devi Temple. The delightful sanctuary is amidst the river Kosi like a jewel.



Later, we watch a movie on tiger security in the resort’s grounds, warming our feet by the bonfire. I appreciate the resort style rooms we got-wooden floors, slanting rooftop, little shade and stairs driving you to another, more diminutive room upstairs. We were told that we must be prepared by 5:00am in the morning and safari jeep will achieve our resort to get us at sharp 5:00am.

28th December, 2015,

Following day delightful morning was clear, with the Sun looking through the fogs. We as a whole were prepared by 5:00am and found that the jeep is completely open sort. It was exceptionally frosty and every one of us was secured with sweater and tops. We reached Bijrani Entry gate of Corbett Tiger Reserve by 6:00am and were holding up in line as different jeeps had additionally gone after the safari. The gate opened just by 6:20am and we entered the protected Corbett national park. Every jeep was given an guide. I for one was not having any trusts of detecting a tiger as the populace is lessening and you ought to be to a great degree fortunate to spot one.

Every one of us was extremely energized and we as a whole were prepared with our cameras and camcorders to shoot any untamed life that we could spot. After some time, we began detecting some pug marks and at one place, our guide recognized a pug imprint, which appeared to be crisp and was over a jeep track. When we proceeded, there was an open range towards our left, he requested that the driver stop the jeep and the jeep tailing us additionally ceased. Our guide requested that the driver switch off the motor and every one of us were talking in whispers and even my cousin sister who is typically noisy additionally begun talking in whispers. The guide hopped on top of the jeep and was watching out with his binoculars and hearing to the sounds. We were there at the same spot for around 10 minutes and our guide was having a hunch that the tiger was some place adjacent.

Lastly he said look there tiger is strolling, we as a whole were looking in the course he pointed and it required us some investment to detect the immense and subtle tiger among the hedges. I can’t clarify the energy and the inclination I had on seeing the solid brute strolling superbly. As the tiger was strolling towards the roadside, which we had voyage, our guide requested that the driver invert the jeep and go in reverse. We went around 50m in converse and again halted our jeeps. The driver exchanged off the motor and the guide requesting that he stay situated in his seat. In the wake of sitting tight for around 2 minutes, we could see the tiger crossing the road before us. It was an incredible sight. I began tapping the photos, he crossed the road and when he reached the other side, he urinated and denoted his region demonstrating this is his home and we ought to be watchful. After that he gave one furious take a gander at us and went inside the shrubberies. This is one seen that I will always remember in my life. We as a whole couldn’t envision, that we were so fortunate to detect a tiger and that too at such a nearby separation on our first safari.





I returned to resort inspired with the strong feline from the jeep safari. After breakfast, we moved for Delhi.