Not a single moment of dullness can touch you if you happen to be in or around Jim Corbett National park. The park is always buzzing with activities of the wild animals and birds so much so that you just can’t get enough of this place while the safari ride inside the park, which gives you the peak of adventure takes three hours of your stay, there are so many other spots to keep you occupied and amazed for the rest of it for all the good reasons.

The resorts in corbett are so built to give you enough options for recreational activities, including indoor sports and a complimentary use of swimming pool, where you can chill and relax to your heart’s content.

Jim Corbett Park is also blessed with three spectacular river- Ramganga, kosi and sonanadi, the banks of which gives ethereal place and splendid view to the tourists their crystal clear water makes a sweet murmur as they pass form the rocky terrain, surrounding by lush green grasses on the either side. At dawn or towards dusk, the beauty of these rivers is at full display here tourists can enjoy fishing along with cool refreshment and hot meal.

Another major attraction of the place is the Garjia Devi temple which is actually a huge rock placed amidst river kosi. It is considered a highly sacred spot by the locals. Here you have to climb several flights of stairs to reach the temple. Couples who are newly wed come here to seek blessing from this powerful Garjia Devi. Aged people too can find mental peace in the religious atmosphere. If you are interested about knowing the history or information about the land topography and wildlife species residing in the Corbett Park, then Dhangarhi Museum is the place for you, it is about 20km form Ramnagar railway station.


Corbett water fall is the best picnic spot for your group in Jim Corbett National Park. The view of water falling from a great height and surrounding by nothing but trees, will make you admire nature and its splendid beauty.