India Wild Safari is a standout among the most well known vacation destinations of the nation. The rush of viewing the wild brute in its normal environment is an affair that is certain to stay carved in your memory for quite a while to come. India offers a superb method for seeing some of Asia’s most captivating huge felines, tigers and lions. The center point of lion safaris in India is the Gir National Park, the last homestead the Asiatic lion in the entire world and for tiger safari this is none other than Jim Corbett National Park. The best time to see Tigers and Asiatic lions is from October to June.


Tiger and Lion Safari in India is organized either in roof top open jeeps or on the back of elephants. Riding on top of an elephant gives the upside of stature, in addition to the banquet of taking in even the minutest point of interest, subsequent to the pace of an elephant is moderate. A jeep safari takes you on a tour inside the forest at a much quicker pace and is the ideal for the individuals who have restricted measure of time in their grasp.


Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand


Initially called Hailey National Park, Jim Corbett Park opened in 1936 and is India’s most established tiger reserve situated at Uttaranchal state. Corbett has been a frequent for visitors and natural life sweethearts for quite a while. Its thick forest is the home for different species. The Corbett National Park is a paradise for the adventure and natural life seeker. Tourists are not permitted to have a stroll inside the park yet Jeep Safari inside the Corbett tiger reserve is permitted. The pride of India, Great Tiger can be spotted here with some luckiness, however in the event that you do you can feel egotistical in the way that you’ve seen one that wasn’t teased or followed. In different parks, tiger sightings can now and then feel stage-oversaw not here. What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t see a tiger, there may well be an incredible enormous incidental award: Corbett is likewise one of only a handful few parks in northern India with wild elephants, and odds of seeing them here are great to be sure.


Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat


In the event that the rush of tiger safaris gets your heartbeat hustling, you’ll adore a visit to this park. What’s more, most vacationers who spend a couple days here see no less than one lion. The ground is dry, leaves crackling under the cushioned paws of the shaggy looking lions staying nearby in huge prides under shady trees. Cubs and grown-ups lay on the ground for quite a long time and hours every day, and you watch on as they begin your landing.


Chances of seeing a tiger here are zero. There are none. This is home rather to the final wild Asian lions on Earth. Yes, wild lions in India! Panthera leo persica is an alternate subspecies to its African cousin, panthera leo, and at one time these lions wandered from south Asia the distance to the edge of Europe.


Asiatic lion, found in India, is somewhat littler than their African cousins, however similarly sublime. The mane is less created, elbow tufts thicker and tail tuft longer than those of its African partner. They live in family prides regularly utilizing their numbers to snare their prey. Guys have a substantial mane of hair on their head which reaches out down their throats to the front legs and over their backs to the shoulders. The females do not have the mane of the guys and are somewhat littler improving them more coordinated and seekers. Lion colouration changes from light buff to yellowish, rosy or chestnut. When they are offspring they have rosette spots on their bodies, however as they develop these vanish. Asiatic lions dependably have a fold of skin running down the length of their stomach, this is once in a while found in African lions. The lions in Gir National Park are the only remaining wild Asiatic lions on the fact of the planet.


If you plan a vacation, book everything (Safari Permit, Jeep, Resorts, Hotels) in advance to avoid disappointment.